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Videoconferencing Is Key To Staying Safe In These Trying Times

We have officially entered into uncharted territory. The Coronavirus is not only changing the way we live, it is also changing the way we conduct business and these changes are literarily happening overnight.

Lead By Example And Your Employees Will Follow

Great leaders must lead by example.  In order to become a respectable person that others want to follow you cannot simply talk the talk; you have to walk the walk!

4 Tips For Giving A Powerful Business Speech

Business executives are often called upon to deliver powerful speeches when addressing employees, stockholders, clients, or even accepting industry related and humanitarian awards. You always want to leave your audience feeling enlightened, full of hope, and inspired. That is not an easy feat to accomplish, especially for people that are a bit uncomfortable when speaking in front of large crowds.

Interim Executives Are Well Worth The Investment

Whether your organization suddenly finds itself without an executive or happens to be in a precarious position, interim executives can be a life saver.

Three Tell Tale Signs That It Is Time To Restructure Your Business

Throughout the lifecycle of your business, from initial inception to the maturity phase, you will experience the need to make significant changes. This includes the reorganization of processes and procedures to your existing systems. It may also include the shake-up of teams and the employees that make up those teams.

A Permanent Interim Executive May Be The Solution

You are facing a quandary. Your colossal, mission-critical project requires a full time executive level leader for the next twelve months and you simply cannot spare anyone from the current executive team. You cannot turn to the leadership pipeline because no one has the proven skills needed to do this particular job. The term “permanent interim” may sound like an oxymoron, however it makes perfect sense in these situations.

The Top 3 Advantages Of Implementing A 13-Week Cash Forecast

Cash is the lifeblood of every business. It does not matter if your company is large or small, growing or declining, for profit or non-profit. As the old saying goes, “cash is king.”

Advice On Implementing An Interim CEO

Your organization is in need of an interim CEO that can fill the seat until a more permanent solution can be put into place. Hiring the best temporary leader requires a strategy that combines a business as usual approach with the ability to not only recognize, but also easily adapt to the situation at hand. It is not a job for anyone that simply talks the talk, you have to be able to walk the walk! The interim CEO must have the necessary managerial ability, strategic skills, and experience in order to impact the business. The following information will provide you with advice on implementing an interim CEO.

Mergers And Acquisitions-4 Seller Mistakes To Avoid

Selling your company is not an easy task. It is a time consuming process that can be difficult and stressful. You must plan with caution, fully understand the dynamics that are involved with the negotiation procedures, and rely on experienced professionals to provide the proper advice. Business owners, CEO’s, and management teams that have little to no experience in mergers and acquisitions often make costly mistakes. These blunders can lead to a lower selling price, less favorable terms, and often ruin the deal altogether. The following information outlines the top four seller mistakes to avoid.

3 Tips That Will Help Your Business Implement A Successful Continuous Improvement Plan

The concept of continuous improvement has recently become the focus of numerous types of business entities and organizations around the globe. Business leaders now recognize the importance of constantly improving their overall process, products, and services in order to survive in a competitive marketplace. Although most business owners and executives are keenly aware of this, some do not know where or how to get started.

What To Do When A Client/Customer Files Bankruptcy

Business may be booming for some organizations, yet there will always be companies that are struggling and some end up filing for bankruptcy. Do not be surprised if you receive a letter from an attorney informing you that one of your clients/customers are seeking financial relief in a court of law in order to help resolve their problems.

You Can Count On Interim Executive Management To Save The Day

Crisis can strike any business at any time. When adversity occurs, it is certainly a time of high stress levels and a bit of confusion. The question at hand is how are you going to handle matters if it happens to you?

Hiring A Fractional CFO Will Boost Your Company’s Success

Successful companies have significant financial requirements that include but are not limited to business planning, cash flow management, financial reporting, analysis, lending requirements, and fiscal administration. An experienced financial expert should manage these responsibilities; however, you may not need to employ a full time chief financial officer. Hiring a fractional CFO is a significantly less expensive investment for up and coming companies.

Mergers And Acquisitions Advice From An Expert

Healthy financial conditions are creating an increase in M&A for middle market companies. Buying assets can be a key to growth for a great deal of organizations that fall between the small business sector and titans of industry.

Ways A Forensic Accountant Can Help In Your Divorce Case

Divorce can certainly be a complicated process. One question that comes to mind is how are companies, business partnerships, deferred compensation, stock options, insurance payouts, and other complex assets distributed fairly to both parties?

Methods To Improve Your Company’s Liquidity Ratio Part Two of Two

Dispose Of Assets That Are Not Being Utilized - Many organizations own assets or inventory that are not being utilized. These assets are wasting valuable resources. There is no need to spend time and money to store and maintain them.

Methods To Improve Your Company’s Liquidity Ratio

The liquidity ratio or current ratio is a measurement of your company’s ability to pay off all of its debts by utilizing its current assets. The formula is: Current assets divided by current liabilities.

Ways To Keep A Closely Held Business Alive For Multiple Generations

Operating a closely held business can be a complicated matter. A significant amount of these companies fail to make it to the next generation. Statistics show that only 30% of family run companies last to the second generation, 12% to the third generation, and only 3% to the fourth generation.

The Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Prior To Taking Your Company Public - A Two Part Series - Part Two

Taking your company public can certainly be a rewarding progression in the business cycle. In recent years, newly minted public corporations have seen an average stock price increase of nearly thirty-one percent from their initial public offering (“IPO”). The IPO doorway is wide open, but does that mean you are ready to walk through it?

The Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Prior To Taking Your Company Public

Taking your company public can certainly be a rewarding progression in the business cycle.  In recent years, newly minted public corporations have seen an average stock price increase of nearly thirty-one percent from their initial public offering (“IPO”). The IPO doorway is wide open, but does that mean you are ready to walk through it?

The Role Of Forensic Accounting In The Current Business Environment

With the current business environment in a constant state of change and evolution, we are seeing a growing role for forensic accounting. It goes well beyond a fundamental knowledge of both financial records, and generally accepted accounting principals.

Integrating the Acquired Business

Middle Market M&A activity for the last twelve months continues to handily outperform the prior year trailing 12 month period. No doubt, low interest rates and favorable credit markets have contributed to this increased rate of activity.

Recognizing & Responding to Signs of Trouble

In this extended poor economic environment, many companies are dealing with the difficulties associated therewith. Management’s response to this overall economic malaise has ranged from inaction to over action and everything in between.