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4 Tips For Giving A Powerful Business Speech

Added on March 13, 2019

Business executives are often called upon to deliver powerful speeches when addressing employees, stockholders, clients, or even accepting industry related and humanitarian awards. You always want to leave your audience feeling enlightened, full of hope, and inspired. That is not an easy feat to accomplish, especially for people that are a bit uncomfortable when speaking in front of large crowds. Even expert speakers can occasionally use some help and the following information will provide you with four tips for giving a powerful business speech.

Deliver A Performance Instead Of A Speech

A speech is basically the words that you speak, however a performance takes it to an entirely new level. The audience will judge your speech based on the manner in which you present it to them which means you must incorporate the use of inflection and gestures. It is important to build up tension and suspense before offering the audience a resolution. The bottom line is that you must capture your audience’s attention with actions along with words. Once you have written the text of your speech, begin working on the performance aspects.

Tell A Great Story

People love a great story. This holds true whether you are in a business meeting, at a party, or giving a speech. The influence of storytelling lies in the images that your audience will form in their minds as you tell your tale. Telling a story makes the audience active participants in your performance as opposed to simply providing a plethora of information that some people may find boring. Telling a story that is brief, to the point, and relates directly to the topic of your speech is a powerful tool that you can utilize to captivate your audience.

Speak About A Topic That You Are Passionate About

When people are passionate about a particular subject matter it shows, so always talk about things that matter to you a great deal. Your performance will be significantly enhanced. The audience will view you as authentic, energetic, and well versed. Speakers that fail to engage with their subject matter, fail to engage with their audience. Showing emotion connects the audience and helps them to be involved with the development of the speech. The bottom line is that if you are not moved by your speech the audience will not be moved either.

Pay Careful Attention To The Tempo Of Your Speech

The tempo in which you deliver your speech can actually make or break the entire performance. It is important to intentionally change the requisites of your speech patterns including the volume, speed, and tone. Otherwise you risk lulling your audience to sleep by speaking in a monotone voice. Keep in mind that you are delivering a performance, you are not simply reading words that are written on a page or teleprompter. It is also very important to avoid speaking to quickly. It will come across to the audience that you are uncomfortable and rushing through the speech.

In conclusion, if you are called upon to give a business speech it is important to provide your audience with a performance that is both powerful and will make a lasting impression. The manner in which you deliver your speech matters just as much if not more than the words that you are speaking.

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