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Interim Executives Are Well Worth The Investment

Added on January 21, 2019

Whether your organization suddenly finds itself without an executive or happens to be in a precarious position, interim executives can be a life saver. The board of directors and executive team members should consider them to be more than a person that is simply keeping the seat warm until a permanent solution is put into place. Interim executives are assets that bring a vast amount of expertise, experience, and knowledge to the table. They will make a positive and lasting impact on your business when fully utilized. You may even find that the experience will have a direct influence in hiring their replacement.

While most companies would agree that hiring an interim executive is worth its weight in gold, they are more expensive than the direct cost of a full time hire when comparing apples to apples. The good news is that you are not comparing apples to apples. It is important to take other factors into consideration when considering whether or not you should hire an interim executive to steer the ship. You may very well end up with more value in the end and find that interim executives are well worth the investment.

An Interim Executive Will Remain Impartial

Interim executives are excellent at adapting to a wide variety of corporate cultures, however their job is to remain impartial regarding company politics. In essence, the interim executive will not be influenced by the opinions or views of employees, the board of directors, and other members of the C suite. They will always provide an honest opinion regardless of who and what that opinion involves.

An Interim Executive Will Deliver Immediate Results

Interim executives are experts at delivering immediate results and do not require the time that it takes most permanent executives to ramp up. They take a tactical approach to the tasks at hand with a laser focus on completing those tasks. Interim executive utilize their past experiences and diverse knowledge base to deliver projects on time and within budget. Interim executives also provide the executive team and board members the ability to make use of a skill set that is not available in house.

An Interim Executive Is Fully Aware That They Must Provide A Direct Return On Investment

Permanent executives are paid to think on a large scale. They may not concentrate on the details in order to focus on the big picture. While that may benefit the long-term operations of the organization, it can fall short when critical projects need to be completed sooner rather than later. On the other hand, interim executives are aware that there is a value attached to both themselves and the project or projects that they are responsible for. This helps drive the process to successfully complete individual projects in a more effective manner.

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