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Lead By Example And Your Employees Will Follow

Added on April 25, 2019

Great leaders must lead by example.  In order to become a respectable person that others want to follow you cannot simply talk the talk; you have to walk the walk!  When leaders say one thing but do another they lose all credibility.  Credibility and trust are essential building blocks of a productive leader/follower relationship.  Employees tend to lose a vast amount of respect when their boss is a hypocritical leader.

When you say one thing and do another your employees will begin to develop negative attitudes.  If the boss is not following through, why should they?  In essence, being insincere fosters a great deal of doubt, mistrust, and even suspicion.  Effective leaders have the ability to show others how to push for greatness.  Your team should observe you and truly believe that you can help them succeed.  The best leaders do not act as dictators, they lead the attack by carrying their share of the weight.  The following information will provide you with some great ways to lead by example.

Take A Hands On Approach

The most effective leaders do not simply command orders and bark at employees until those orders are completed.  As a leader, you should always be willing and able to roll up your sleeves and work side by side with your team; it shows employees that you are one of them.  People trust bosses that they can relate to.  When they trust you, they will follow you.  In addition, when employees observe you in action it provides an opportunity for you to teach them something.

Listen To Your Employees

Your employees are your most valuable asset, ignoring them is a grave mistake.  This holds especially true when they have good ideas or come up with more effect methods of completing tasks.  Even if their ideas or methods fall far from brilliance, it is important to encourage them to keep trying.  Show your team that you care about what they have to say by asking questions, hearing out their requests, and encouraging an open-door policy. You will receive far more than you are giving.

Accept Accountability

Top leaders give credit where credit is due and take the blame when things go wrong.  When you hold your team solely responsible for failures it only leads to resentment.  Your employees will immediately go into self-protective mode, which is extremely unhealthy for team chemistry. They will also become overly guarded which will lead to a drop in production. The best leaders accept personal responsibility for their organization’s failures, and pass along credit to team members when they deserve it.

Leaders have a responsibility to their employees.  They look to you for both guidance and strength, which is a significant part of what being a leader is all about.  If you lead by example your employees will follow.

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