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Recognizing & Responding to Signs of Trouble

Added on December 4, 2013

In this extended poor economic environment, many companies are dealing with the difficulties associated therewith.  Management’s response to this overall economic malaise has ranged from inaction to over action and everything in between.

In the face of the range of management responses, how do you spot early signs of trouble?

There are three very broad categories that you should consider when assessing a situation: General Business Signs, Financial Statements, and Management.

Generally, evaluating these three broad categories can help you identify early warning signs or further your understanding of known problems.  Importantly, these are not the only three categories of concern, but good starting points.

General Business Signs:

When conducting your normal business review of your borrowers or when evaluating a new loan, consider whether the business appears well run and in control.  Some of the things to consider when making this assessment are as follows:

Financial Statements:

What are the most recent financial results of the business telling you?  Ask management about or look for the following in the company’s financial results:


Key for lenders is how management chooses to operate when presented with, or is questioned about, subtle or tell tale signs of trouble.

Trouble exists or may exist, now what?

Once you suspect or have determined that trouble may exist at one of the lender’s borrowers, the sooner the root of the issues are identified and a plan is implemented the better for all constituencies.  Consider engaging a professional firm with the expertise to not only effectively and efficiently assess the situation, but also develop and implement a plan before the value of the business continues to erode.

Where there is smoke, there is often fire.  Act swiftly, quell the issues and you will have put the lender in a better position to prevent a fire from burning or spreading.

The professionals at Navera Group have been advising lenders, private equity investors and company management for over twenty years.  We are experienced at not only identifying, but also devising and implementing tactical and strategic objectives in the face of adversity and transition.

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