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Ways A Forensic Accountant Can Help In Your Divorce Case

Added on May 13, 2018

Divorce can certainly be a complicated process. Former life partners are attempting to divide assets, property, and debt. Even the easiest divorces are anything but easy. The challenges become even more difficult when there is a complex financial portfolio to divide. One question that comes to mind is how are companies, business partnerships, deferred compensation, stock options, insurance payouts, and other complex assets distributed fairly to both parties? Just as important, how can you make certain that everything is transparent enough to ensure that the assets will be divided properly? That is where a qualified forensic accountant is required. So without further ado, the following information will provide you with ways that a forensic accountant can help in your divorce case.

The Forensic Accountant Assists Your Attorney

Even the most experienced divorce attorneys are not experts at multifaceted financial state of affairs. Although it may seem improbable that your legal representation would overlook something, it takes a forensic accountant to truly ensure that the entire financial picture is painted. An expert forensic accountant will help your lawyer discover all of the information required to strengthen your case. Once a subpoena is enacted they will be able to thoroughly analyze the financial data that has been collected. The forensic accountant also provides your attorney with a reliable resource during the preparation phase for deposition and or trial. They will be able to advise the legal team on the specific documents, data, and information needed from opposition.

The Forensic Accountant Can Be An Expert Witness In Court And At Depositions

If you are dealing with a complicated financial matter the forensic accountant will prove to be a valuable expert witness. They will be able to testify on your behalf about specific financial and asset-based topics. Expert opinions will typically strengthen your case and weaken your opponent’s argument. In addition, the service can prove to be extremely important from another point of view. The forensic accountant can take your place during cross-examination and questioning by the opposing attorney for all asset and financial based items.

The Forensic Accountant Can Discover Hidden Income And Assets

Not all parties are truthful about their finances during a divorce. This holds especially true when they are likely to lose a significant portion of their wealth in the divorce proceedings. A forensic accountant can help your attorney uncover important matters that you may be unaware of such as secret bank accounts, hidden property, and even extra-marital affairs. Forensic accountants examine records in order to see what is there and to uncover items that the other party may be withholding from you. This may include but is not limited to fake debts, underreported income figures, dummy corporations, and padded payrolls that conceal the accurate financial situation. If the opposition happens to report fraudulent or inaccurate income, your attorney will be able to negotiate a more equitable financial settlement for you.

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