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You Can Count On Interim Executive Management To Save The Day

Added on June 23, 2018

Crisis can strike any business at any time. When adversity occurs, it is certainly a time of high stress levels and a bit of confusion. The question at hand is how are you going to handle matters if it happens to you? There is no need to hit the panic button; in fact, the exact opposite is true. The situation must be handled in a calm, cool, and professional manner. It is imperative to avoid the appearance of panic otherwise customers/clients will seek out your competitors, employees will jump ship, and the entire business could be in jeopardy. What if there was a way to temporarily hire an accomplished executive to help put the businesses back on track?

What if this interim executive specialized in the exact type of catastrophe that your organization was suffering from? Although this may seem like a next to impossible proposition, it is far more common than you may think. The good news is that there are interim executive managers ready and able to work with your business when you need help the most. It is by far the most cost effective, efficient, and viable method of saving your business from the myriad of things that occur when things are unraveling. You can count on interim executive management to save the day.

Interim Executive Management Defined

By definition “Interim Executive Management is the rapid provision of senior executives to manage, change, or transition an organization.” An interim executive manager is a specialized executive that has a significant amount of experience in a particular area. In addition, they can be employed for a short period of time that typically ranges from three to twelve months. The interim executive manager will solve business related issues through advice, project management, and implementation of specific solutions.

Working With An Interim Executive Manager Tip #1- Clearly Define Expectations

In order for both parties to fully understand the main purpose of the assignment, it is necessary to agree upon the goals and timescale from the start. Review all objectives and the progress that has been accomplished on a frequent basis. Keep in mind that the interim executive manager is not a permanent employee. They should start delivering results immediately; they do not need time to settle in. Interim executive managers must have a reference point for their assignment and a clear understanding of the task at hand.

Working With An Interim Executive Manager Tip #2- Make Sure That Your Employees Are On Board

It is human nature for employees to be reluctant to change. This holds especially true when an interim executive manager is hired. They may be fearful of losing their job, or a temporary boss that may treat them harshly. It is extremely important to communicate with your employees and inform them that you have hired an interim executive and that the overall success of the process relies on the support from everyone in the organization. Explain that the interim executive manager is there to help the business, not to negatively affect any of the employees as long as everyone is doing their job properly. 

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