Industry Experience

Food Services/Restaurants

Our national economic malaise has impacted many discretionary items, including restaurants. While many economists are expecting real disposable income to grow, restaurants in the US cannot rely on this forecast. Surely, they can hope; but hope is not a strategy. Having provided large chain restaurants and boutique restaurateurs with advisory services, both in and out of bankruptcy, our consultants understand that focusing on specific objectives with measurable outcomes is important to the success of your chain or stand-alone restaurant. Through our experience and ability to ferret out information from numbers and people, we will help you identify problems and opportunities.

Success Story

Working for a secured lender, our consultants provided an asset value assessment of a bankrupt franchisee’s holdings of a nationally known chain restaurant. In this adversarial action, our client was able to prove value using our work product resulting in a much greater recovery than that which was originally proposed.

A kitchen with pots and pans and several cooks working.