Who We Are

Aaron McCormack

Aaron is a highly-successful, well respected operational leader.  His leadership roles include serving as CEO of a division of a large multi-national telecommunications company and Chairman of a software services company.

Aaron has secured government agency funding, negotiated expansion rounds of funding from private sources, implemented cash rigor strategies, including periodic cash flow review, balance sheet assessment and continuous annual updates of 1-3 year plans.

Adept at closing business and operational excellence, Aaron presided over 300+% revenue growth and 400% of FCF through rationalization and strategic investment.  As a seasoned professional and successful manager, Aaron has the skills to motivate employees to follow and deliver upon newly instituted performance metrics.

Aaron’s ability to manage employees and consultants across international boundaries, and their diverse mindsets, has prepared him well for the world of consulting.   He is a strong leader who is skilled at delivering hard messages and, at the same time, motivating the team to deliver the necessary results.

Aaron has a Master’s degree in Engineering from the Queen’s University of Belfast with specialties in Electronics, Business and French. He further graduated from the Global Business Consortium at the London Business School and from the Global Leadership Program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.