Industry Experience

Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and R&D

As a result of our aging society, we are seeing an enormous influx of capital invested in the pharmaceutical and life science industries. At the same time, the amount of regulation over these industries is also multiplying. The operational and regulatory demands require intensive management focus… and at times, that means that the financial management of the business erodes. Our team is equipped with experience in the space, an uncanny ability to model the most nuanced of situations while at the same time, determine if your company is meeting it financial compliance requirements. In short, we help you prepare for the unknown, but sure to come, bump in the road – or if we are called after you hit that bump, we adroitly address the situation and chart a course for maximizing value.

Success Story

Hired as CRO of a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organization with internal operations including a leveraged plant that was nearly empty, we identified the organizations key assets, opportunities and risks; led the negotiations among lenders and equity investors; assessed insolvency protection options; directed a plan to stabilize the business and ultimately, reached an agreement among the parties, including hiring our replacement.

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